Master Classes

Creativity and Change masterclasses are an opportunity for inspirational, intensive and in depth engagement over one or two days.

Delivered by facilitators with specific expertise and experience, the programme is designed around identifies gaps and expressed interest and needs of practitioners.

Master classes look at specific topics connected to change-making, Global citizenship and justice themes and specific methods for example:

  • Design thinking in creating learning environments for Global citizenship education
  • Creative tools to facilitate meaningful dialogue for change-making
  • Stop motion, a tool for global justice awareness raising.
  • Urban/ Street art. Bringing Global Justice messages to the street
  • Theatre tools for
  • Transformative learning and empowering expression of global citizens through creative writing

Below is documentation of useful processes and tools for facilitating dialogue in creative ways to nurture Global citizenship and to engage with global justice themes. This resource was developed at the 2017 masterclass facilitated by Susanne Bosch.

dialogue resource