Global Citizens: Weekend Two

The second weekend of Creativity and Change explored the theme of global citizenship.

On Saturday, participants engaged experientially in ‘Active Hope’, a practice developed by Joanna Macy, which supports the strengthening of people’s resilience and creative power to take action and affect change in the world.  Saturday evening was a social one, where participants shared food and introduced the work that they do with ‘Pecha Kucha’ style presentations.

On Sunday, they looked deeper at the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ – a process developed by the New Economic Foundation, focusing on five simple life choices (to give, connect, be active, keep learning and take notice) that support positive mental health – to rewrite their focus as the Five Ways to Global Citizenship*.

On Sunday afternoon, groups explored Cork through new eyes in a ‘Notice the City’ exercise.

*A resource developed by Creativity & Change on this theme, can be seen and downloaded here. Hard copies are available for a small fee from CCAD.