Accredited Award

The Creativity & Change CIT Level 9 Accredited Special Purpose Award. programme targets educators, change-makers, activists, artists, community workers, adult educators, youth workers, volunteers and anyone who is interested how creative engagement can nurture global citizenship and empathic action around local and global justice themes.

The CIT accredited award is two 10 credit modules combined within a level 9 Special Purpose Award. The first module is an experiential module where you will engage in a side range of hand on creative processes from work with clay, visual arts, creative writing and theatre. You will engage in a wide range of Global justice topics and reflect on your own identity as a global Citizen and on the process of transformative learning.

In the second module, you will put learning into practice in designing learning experiences for a range of contexts.

Find out more details of the programme duration, content, modules and how to apply from the CIT course finder.

  • to participate in a transformative learning experience
  • to explore your place in our rapidly changing, interconnected and unequal world
  • to connect your passions for change
  • to discover connections between  the local to the Global.
  • to recognise that small actions can have big impacts
  • to reflect on your values actions and behaviours of Global citizens
  • to boost your confidence in your own creativity
  • to innovate as you put your learning and passion into practice to engage others on a journey of transformation and growth as global citizens.
  • to develop skills in facilitating meaningful dialogue, collaborative and transformative learning
  • to build a tool kit of exercises to design learning processes to nurture global citizenship.
  • to apply design thinking to creating  imaginative learning environments and opportunities in wide range of contexts, from a workshop setting to a festival to the street.
  • to plug into a network of people passionate about creativity learning and change in the world.