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The City Through Global Citizens’ Eyes



The City Research exercise invited Creativity and Change participants to explore Cork from a global citizen’s perspective. Working in groups, they were asked to consider:

The values of global citizenship – What values they see expressed in the city that they would like to see more of, and that contribute to a more sustainable future. What values do they see expressed that they believe hold back the progression to a more sustainable future?

The eyes and heart of a global citizen – Moving through the city as global citizens, what questions come to mind about the environment surrounding them?

Expressing yourself as a global citizen – Write message to members of the public to support public engagement with their sense of global citizenship. 

Each group photographed their observations and interactions and presented them to one another back at the Crawford. These are some of their photographs.




“I am A Global Citizen”

This verse was collectively written by Creativity & Change participants in a simple creative writing exercise, where they completed the sentence “I am a global citizen who…”. Their words were then illustrated to create a visual poetry piece.


I am a Global Citizen

I am a Global Citizen who plants seeds,

who lives my truth,

who listens,


and treads gently.

I am a Global Citizen who acts in solidarity,

tries to see where the other person is coming from

and opens my heart.

I am a Global Citizen who has fun,

helps make change,

who is open.

I am a Global Citizen who creates possible positive alternatives

and looks in the mirror.

I am a Global Citizen who connects by learning languages,

who nurtures informed and caring advocates

who facilitates belonging.

I am a Global Citizen.




Global Citizens: Weekend Two

The second weekend of Creativity and Change explored the theme of global citizenship.

On Saturday, participants engaged experientially in ‘Active Hope’, a practice developed by Joanna Macy, which supports the strengthening of people’s resilience and creative power to take action and affect change in the world.  Saturday evening was a social one, where participants shared food and introduced the work that they do with ‘Pecha Kucha’ style presentations.

On Sunday, they looked deeper at the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ – a process developed by the New Economic Foundation, focusing on five simple life choices (to give, connect, be active, keep learning and take notice) that support positive mental health – to rewrite their focus as the Five Ways to Global Citizenship*.

On Sunday afternoon, groups explored Cork through new eyes in a ‘Notice the City’ exercise.

*A resource developed by Creativity & Change on this theme, can be seen and downloaded here. Hard copies are available for a small fee from CCAD.

Creative Fair with Galway One World Centre

This October, the Creativity & Change team travelled to NUIG to host a Global Citizenship Creative Fair with Galway One World Centre. Participants at the fair included adults living in local direct provision centres, staff of ALIVE volunteer centre at NUIG and local community workers, teachers and artists. All contributed passionately to this positive, creative day – we even had an impressive poster exhibition at the end!


Making Connections: Our first weekend of 2017/2018


Our 2017/2018 program kicked off this month and saw our participants exploring connections. We connected with one another, connected our heads, our hearts and our hands and looked at our interconnected world, connecting some of the many global justice issues that exist around us.

On the second day of the weekend, we connected our creativity with taking action at the Change-makers’ Creative Fair, hosted by Claire Coughlan and Helen O’ Keeffe from Splattervan.















Change Maker Creative Fair travels to Galway in partnership with Galway One World Centre and the Community Knowledge Initiative. Oct 14th



CIT Crawford College of Art and Design Creativity & Change programme in collaboration with Galway One World Centre, CKI – Community Knowledge Initiative and NUIG.

DATE: October 14th



Morning only workshop 10-1 Cost Free

Afternoon only Creative fair 2-5pm Cost: €10

Full day option i 10am-5pm Cost: €10

BOOKING: Please follow this link to register for the event



This creative Fair is facilitated by CIT CCAD’s Creativity and change Programme and is run in collaboration with the One World Centre Galway, who will lead a morning workshop leading into the afternoon Creative Fair. It is Co-hosted with the CKI – Community Knowledge Initiative

The morning workshop facilitated by Galway One World Centre will give you a chance to:

  • Engage in an interactive way with Global Justice issues
  • Provide you with an introduction to global justice issues, exploring themes like gender; refuge and migration;  debt, tax and trade justice; sustainability; and anti-racism perspectives.
  • Take away digital copies of all activities and materials used.

The Change-Maker Creative Fair travels around Ireland and offers a quick injection of inspiration for those who want to consider how they can support groups and learners to engage as active global citizens and change makers.

The creative fair will give you a chance to:

  • Roll up your sleeves for a hands-on experience
  • Boost your confidence in your creativity.
  • Gather tools to connect your learners/ participants to global justice themes and their capacities as active global citizens. Leave with a tool-kit of inspirational activities and exercises

The activities with include stencil making, stop motion, chalkboard posters, creative writing, badge-making and inspirational reading corner. 


The Event will take place at NUIG Galway. When you register you will be emailed the details of the venue within NUIG.


Who is it for?

The programme targets change-makers, educators, activists, artists, community workers, adult educators, youth workers, volunteers and anyone who is interested how creative engagement can nurture global citizenship and empathic action around local and global justice themes.