Monthly Archives September 2017

This Weekend 22 people will travel from Around Ireland to converge in Cork for Our first Weekend of Creativity and Change.

The journey of the Creativity and Change Accredited programme is set to be a rich, deep and exciting one. One of the features of the programme over that last years has been the relationships, networks and learning among the people who join the programme.

The programme always attracts a diverse mix of participants with a wide range of experiences and skills. This year we have participants with backgrounds interests such as



-Circus performance

-Environmental justice and sustainability




-Teaching in formalĀ and non formal education settings

-Development Education Facilitation

-Work in probation services

Participants are already in touch with and connecting with each other in anticipation of the first weekend together

“I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you on Saturday and finding more out about what I’ve signed up for!”

Change Maker Creative Fair travels to Limerick Mary Immaculate College this week.

Facilitators Claire Coughlan and Helen O’Keeffe will engage with fifty trainee teachers and with practising teachers and educators working in non-formal learning settings.

This follows a busy week in Cork with the Creative Fair taking place in CIT CCAD’s new campus on Grand parade on Wednesday. A participant from the Cork workshop describes the experience as follows

“Each the activities was linked in some way to various global justice/active citizenship themes. Engaging with topics such as this in a creative way makes them more accessible and engaging, it helps break down the barriers to local and global responsibility”